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 Hurricane Maria, a 155 mph, category 4 devastating storm left many of the people of Puerto Rico shell-shocked, suffering from trauma and/or P.T.S.D. The reality is that the national support for victims of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, was not the same as that of either Texas or Florida, despite the fact that Puerto Ricans are American born citizens. These are some facts about the current situation the island is facing. FACTS OF PUERTO RICO AFTER HURRICANE MARIA
 Hurricane maria 2,975 estimated death toll (1,000 more than Hurricane Katrina and only 21 deaths less than 9/11) Over 300,000 homes destroyed  MASS EXODUS 200,000 residents have left Puerto Rico Nearly half of the people who have left are under 24 years of age. As a result, Puerto Rico is ranked very high in population decline Close to 10,000 police officers have left 40,000 children have not re-enrolled in school as of 09/2018
 ECONOMY 8,000 out of 45,000 small employers had to close their businesses after the hurricane 4 in 10 Puerto Ricans lost their job Farmers lost $780 million worth of crops  DEPRESSION & SUICIDE 86% of health care centers report an increase in depression 7 in 10 reported suicidal thoughts or substance abuse Increase in suicide from 2,046 in August 2017 to 4,548 in January 2018 Adolescent suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth 15-19 years old
 HEALTH CRISIS 500 to 700 physicians and surgeons out of roughly 10,000 on the island have left Prior to the hurricane, 72 of Puerto Rico's 78 municipalities lacked adequate primary care services in relation to their population and health risk Of 24 students who graduate from a medical university in Puerto Rico, 17 leave to the mainland.


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