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 Your Investment in action TO OUR PARTNERS! Through the blessings of GOD, your kindness and compassion as our covenant partners, sponsors, and donors; along with the invaluable work of our volunteers, we have been able to win the lost, share the Gospel, educate leaders, feed the hungry, provide disaster relief/rebuilding efforts and improved health care to Nations. Through your financial investment and volunteer support, we were able to provide medication; medical supplies and equipment; medical clinics; solar lights; water filters; school supplies; summer camp scholarships for at-risk youth; and homeless support. These blessings were experienced by our under resourced friends both locally and internationally. Thank you for collaborating with us in this amazing call and mission, and for the awesome impact you have on our ministry and on the lives of those we serve!
S.O.N. collaborating with partners to feed the homeless and distribute food to pantries. Click here for more pictures of our Nehemiah Project 2017 & 2018 Mission Trips to Puerto Rico.

Sowing The Seed

Medical Equipment For Nations

Apostles Michael and Evelyn Cobb sowing the Word by teaching and ministering. The S.O.N. Team helping a partner organization unload medical equipment and supplies for various nations experiencing disasters.

Workshop On Holy Spirit &

A Night Worship

Student Awards Celebration

Camp Scholarship Winners

Apostle Evelyn taught a powerful workshop on the "Pursuit of Excellence, Obedience To The Holy Spirit." Later that evening, we had a wonderful time of praise and worship along with Apostle Michael, who was part of the worship team featuring Dr. Ron Kenoly. This event was geared toward recognizing the achievements of at-risk African American and Latino youth from the south side of Chicago. Seed Of Nations International Centre was able to sow by awarding scholarships to well-deserving young men.



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